Woodworking Tips
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Frequently asked questions and woodworking tips really don't require much introduction. But perhaps something in one of my plans is unclear. Or maybe you just have a general question about woodworking. Either way, if you don't find the answer here, please feel free to contact me and ask!

"Plywood is dimensionally stable (it doesn't expand and contract like solid wood). So why do you advise against gluing the back into the dado on your cabinet designs?"

You're right about plywood being pretty stable. At the shop I work in, we use melamine-faced MDF (extremely stable) and still don't glue the back into the dado. By leaving the back loose in the dado, you allow yourself a little bit of room for error.

There is the ideal of building perfectly square cabinets to hang on perfectly square, plumb walls, but the reality is that they usually are not. You can actually "square" the box when you install it by tweaking it slightly until the doors hang straight.

Concealed euro-style hinges have a nice amount of adjustment to them, but it's nice to save that for fine-tuning. It may seem like cheating a bit, but it works very well!

It's probably not a big deal if you do glue in the back, but in the end I still prefer to leave it loose.

"Do you have any plans for a tall pantry cabinet with slide out shelves?"

Although I don't yet have a specific pantry plan, the 2-door wall cabinet plans use the exact same construction method as a pantry cabinet. Simply adjust the width, height, and depth to suit your own requirements.

The trick with slide out shelves or drawers in a pantry cabinet is to block the slides out far enough to clear the doors and/or hinges. You can add a wood block between the drawer slides and the cabinet, or use a plastic one like the one in the picture from Amazon.

"Do you know of any free online tutorials on frameless cabinet building?"

I didn't really know of any when I first received this question, which is part of the reason I started posting my own designs. Since then I have discovered this information-packed site on how to build cabinets using the 32mm system.

I also recommend checking out Blum's literature on their slides and hinges. The document "Process 32 Universal Boring Pattern" is particularly helpful, even if you use hardware from a different manufacturer.

Finally, this paper on building 32mm cabinets (based on Grass hardware) is pretty good reading too.

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