Woodworking Projects
For Kids

This category contains some great woodworking projects for kids. Some of the projects are excellent for kids themselves to build. Others are more complex and you'll just want to build them for the kids in your life. Or build them for the kid in you!

Kids love to be in the shop around tools and woodworking. Helping to build their own toys, or gifts for others, can bring them unmatched pride and satisfaction.

I encourage you to include them in your woodworking projects whenever you can. But please keep safety as THE most important factor whenever using tools around children, especially with power tools.

Tongue Drum Plans

Follow this link to find a great set of tongue drum plans that were developed specifically as a kid's craft project. Although designed for kids, adults will enjoy the simple woodworking project as well. And when it's finished, the drum will be the source of countless hours of fun!

Wooden Toy Blocks

Here is an easy plan for a set of wooden toy blocks, inspired by a set my grandfather built. Simply follow the link or click on the picture. You'll find more details and drawing files in PDF format that you can view or download.

Workbench Plans

Fun little set of workbench plans that my daughter's friend dreamed up. The bench is sized for a child, but with a little modification would work great for an adult as well. Take a look, especially if you're looking for a project that you can build with your kids.

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