Woodshop Projects

Eventually, nearly every woodworker begins to make woodshop projects, tools, and accessories that make building other projects easier. I’m often found piecing together various scraps of material to make a jig or some other useful implement to make life easier in the shop. Since these sorts of things are usually done as the need arises, the design is rarely captured for the benefit of others. So here I’ll try to remedy that fact and include designs for some of the woodshop tools and aids that I create.

Keep in mind as you build these projects that you will very likely need or want to make changes to suit your own situation. I encourage you to make changes and modify the plans so that they work better for what you’re doing in your own woodshop. Also, homemade shop tools are frequently built out of the scrap we have at hand. So if the plans call for 1/2" plywood and all you have is 3/4", then by all means use the 3/4".

Finally, some of the designs may not be as well developed as other designs on the site. Because the designs usually develop as they’re being built, I may get to the end and realize it could have been done better or more efficiently. That’s often one of the fun parts about building woodshop aids - seeing what you can come up with on the fly. It’s amazing how useful even a crudely built shop tool can be!


One of the most basic shop tools that everyone should try to build themselves is a set of sawhorses. This set is lightweight and versatile. Included are DXF files in case you want to cut them on a CNC router.

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