Wood Routers Videos

Recently I noticed that many of the plans on my site require extensive use of wood routers for their construction. Using a router to cut and shape wood is an invaluable skill. Once you begin to unlock the potential of this extremely versatile tool, you'll wonder how you ever built anything without it.

I would like to provide my readers with some learning opportunities as well as the plans themselves. So I went on a search for more woodworking videos that would help you improve your skills or perhaps open the door to something you didn't even know was possible.

Here are the results of my search. There are several videos that demonstrate many of the techniques for using a router that are described throughout the site.

As with my other video page, please note that I have tried to avoid posting videos in a way that would infringe on someone's copyrights. If you see a video here that belongs to you and would like it removed, please let me know. 

Using A Wood Router

This series of "shop class" videos show the very basics of using a woodworking router. Great for someone who has never used a router before.

Flush Trim Router Bit Basics

Short video that gives a great overview of different types of flush trim router bits. Not really much how-to demonstration, but good tooling information nonetheless.

Precise Cuts Using A Router Edge Guide

Comprehensive video on how to use a router edge guide, pattern, or template to make clean, precise cuts of complex shapes. Excellent overall view of the process.

Types Of Router Jigs

This quick video gives several examples of router jigs or templates. Good advice on how to ensure your templates will produce the exact shape you want to cut.

Following Templates

The basics are brought together here to show how to cut a shape in hardwood using a template and a router with a flush trim bit.

Cutting Small Parts

Very short video showing a safe way to hold small parts while routing. 

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