Open Frameless
Wall Cabinet Plans

Here are wall cabinet plans for a simple upper cabinet. This cabinet is very similar to the open base cabinet shown elsewhere on the website. The primary difference (other than the depth) is that the wall cabinet has a full top rather than top stretchers.


Just like the base cabinet, you'll notice that I call for white melamine panels and white PVC edge banding for the panel edges. This combination is very durable and suitable for kitchens, garage cabinets, and a multitude of commercial applications.

If you don't care for particle board and plastic, that's just fine. Any 3/4" material is suitable for this design. Hardwood veneer plywood can be used with a 0.5mm wood edge band. No further modifications to the design are required and the results look great.


Assembly is straightforward. Use wood screws and glue to fasten the wall ends to the bottom, top, and nailers. The back simply floats in a dado cut into the wall ends, bottom, and top. Don't glue in the back, especially if you are using plywood. It should be left free to expand and contract slightly.

System Holes

I've given location dimensions for 5mm system holes based on Blum's interpretation of the 32mm cabinet system. You can add a door or pair of doors to this cabinet box. In fact, adding a drawer beneath the door on a wall cabinet makes for very interesting storage possibilities.

I have found that machining the system holes to one standard is helpful when it comes time to mount hinge and drawer hardware. However, feel free to adapt the holes to a different system or leave them off entirely.


You can easily customize the size of the cabinet to fit your particular requirements. I generally prefer to increase or decrease the height of wall cabinets by 32mm increments. This makes adding hardware a bit more straightforward. Again, this is totally up to you.

My usual suggestion is to keep the width at 36" or less when using 3/4" material for the adjustable shelf. Wider than 36"? It would be best to switch to 1" material to prevent the shelf from sagging.

Drawing File

To view the open frameless wall cabinet plans just click here. If you'd like to download a copy to your computer, right click then "save-as". Either way, you'll need the Adobe reader to view the file.

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