Using A Wood Router

Using a wood router to shape an edge, plow a dado, or perform some other cutting task is an important requirement of many woodworking projects that you'll come across. Even a project as simple as the toy blocks can be greatly enhanced by employing a wood router to soften the edges with a roundover bit.

If you're completely new to woodworking, or even just new to wood routers, this series of videos should prove to be very useful to you. Woodworking routers are dangerous tools, and operating them with good results can be a mysterious endeavor.

Although there are numerous online videos that demonstrate great tips on using wood routers, most of them are targeted more towards people who already have a basic knowledge of router operation.

This series of videos takes a slightly different approach. The videos teach the very basics of operating a router, including a strong emphasis on safety. They're produced by an industrial arts instructor so it's just like being in shop class!

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