Potting Bench Plans

This set of potting bench plans is very similar to the deck bench plans elsewhere on the site. Like the deck benches, I was able to build it with scraps left over from a deck project. Although the benches were built with used lumber, this happened to be a new project with new lumber.


For the deck I was building, I had overestimated the amount of materials I needed. As such, there were several fairly long boards to choose from. That made it considerably easier to design a potting bench using leftovers.

You’ll see that there is a mix of 2x4’s and 2x6’s. There were more 2x4’s available than 2x6’s so that’s why only the top is made from 2x6’s. It doesn’t really matter which size board you use for an outdoor table of this size, so use what’s available to you.

The lumber I was using was pressure treated, but if you have cedar or redwood available, they are both excellent choices for outdoor projects. Many people apply an outdoor wood sealant to their projects, but I generally prefer to just let the wood weather naturally. Cedar looks especially nice to me as it weathers to a soft gray color.

Material Sizing

As with the deck benches, these plans reflect the fact that I was using leftover building materials. The 29 1/2" height is a little bit short for a work surface, but it’s nice not to have to lift heavy bags of potting soil too high. Also, it turns out the bench is just about the same height as my barbecue. So it does double duty as a barbecue table!

The wide gaps between the top boards and the shelf boards are simply there because that was the best way to fit the lumber I had on hand. An added benefit to the gaps is that they make cleaning the table very easy.

Again, I encourage you to adapt the materials you have available to make a potting bench that suits your own particular needs. Just to indicate how even the smallest of scraps can be put to good use, take a look at the top board on the furthest left in the photo. I misjudged and had run out of top boards. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but the leftmost board is two short pieces butted together!

Potting Bench Plans PDF

Need a potting bench to compliment the deck benches you’ve already built? If you’re ready to tackle a slightly more complex project, you can see the plans by clicking here. If you prefer to download a copy to your computer, right click then "save-as". Either way, you'll need the Adobe reader to view the file.

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