Making A Cutting Board

I discovered these videos for making a cutting board while searching for something on how to glue several narrow wood strips into a wider "bread board". Although the instructions are for building an end grain cutting board, the technique demonstrated in Part 1 for edge-gluing a wood panel is exactly what I was looking for.

One thing that isn't mentioned in the video is the importance of alternating the grain direction of adjacent boards. For making an end grain cutting board it probably doesn't make much difference. But for an edge-glued panel, alternating the grain will prevent the finished panel from warping.

The easiest way to determine the grain direction for this purpose is to look at the cut end of the board. You should be able to see the growth rings from the tree. Alternate the curve of the rings from board to board. The result will be a panel that stays flat even as the wood expands and contracts from changes in temperature and humidity.

Marc Spagnuolo has done a fantastic job producing this series of educational and very entertaining videos. These two are only a small sampling of his work. I encourage you check out the rest of his videos at The Wood Whisperer.

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