Lighthouse Pattern

I developed this lighthouse pattern for a wooden house number I made for my mom. She needed a replacement for an old wooden number that had weathered beyond repair.

Since she loves lighthouses I wanted to engrave one, along with the number itself, on my CNC router. I searched online for suitable vector images of lighthouses, but couldn't find one simple enough to meet my needs. So I created my own.

Overall Design

It was specifically designed to be v-carved with a 90 degree v-carving router bit. I imported the DXF file into Vectric's VCarve Pro to generate toolpaths for my CNC router. However, it could also be used as a woodburning pattern or even for stained glass.

Truthfully, I debated whether or not it was even worth posting to the site since it's so simple. However, a huge reason I have this site is because I hate to see design work, regardless of its simplicity, go to waste. My hope is that someone out there can put this to good use, rather than me just using it once and tossing it aside.

Ideas For Using The Pattern

I always like to be able to use designs for multiple purposes.  The lighthouse is designed with a frame or border to enclose a house number, but you could use it for just about anything.  Although I haven't had the chance to try it, I've always thought the lighthouse shapes would make a fun and colorful puzzle for small children.  Even just cutting the shapes out of colored paper would make a simple yet fun craft project.  The shapes are also simple enough to make a great beginner stained glass project.  The possibilities are almost endless, so use your imagination and put this design to great use!

Lighthouse Vector Files

This pattern was originally created as a DXF, but I've included several other file types for download. These are available in a ZIP file containing the lighthouse pattern in PDF, DXF (AutoCAD), AI (Adobe Illustrator), and JPG file formats. To download a copy to your computer, click the image to the left or right click here and then "save-as".

 Lighthouse Pattern PDF

To view just the PDF, either click on the image to the left, or click here.  If you'd like to download a copy to your computer, right click then "save-as". Either way, you'll need the Adobe reader to view the file.

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