Free Woodworking Patterns

I hadn't originally intended on making free woodworking patterns available until I started to realize how much time it takes to create a pattern from scratch. Since I usually create a pattern to run on a CNC router, it has to be in a vector graphics format suitable for cutting on a computerized machine. As such, quite a bit of time goes into making sure the geometry and formatting is just right.

As is the case with other woodworking plans, a pattern often gets used only once and then is discarded or forgotten. By making them available here, my hope is that you will find something to help you with one of your own projects. Also, vector graphics are easy to shrink, stretch, or modify into something new altogether. So even if you don't find something to meet your needs exactly, one of these free woodworking patterns might provide a good starting point.

If you don't already use a program like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or even AutoCAD, I encourage you to check out a free vector graphics program like Inkscape. Vector graphics are nearly infinitely scalable and fairly easy to modify. They're also perfect for use in CNC routing operations, water jet or plasma cutting of metals and plastics, and even embroidery.

Wooden Snowflake Pattern

The wooden snowflake patterns are a challenging project, originally cut from 1/8" Baltic birch plywood.  They will make a great addition to your wintertime decor or craft projects, and can be made from a wide variety of materials.

Wooden Star Pattern

This set of star patterns will help you add the perfect touch to your Christmas and Independence Day craft projects.  Whether it's a holiday tree or a 4th of July banner, choose whatever material suits your needs best.

Lighthouse Pattern

Here's a simple little lighthouse pattern with a border. Originally designed for use on a wooden house number, it could be adapted for nearly anything. By following the link or clicking on the picture, you'll find more details and several different file formats that you can view or download.

Flower Silhouette Pattern

Before cutting the crown seen below, I spent some time experimenting with metal cutting on the flower silhouette pattern. Cut out of an old pizza pan, it serves as a pretty shield for an array of tea light candles.

Kings Crown Pattern

A bit of a departure from the usual woodworking projects, the kings crown pattern was originally cut from 16 gauge steel. Read how it was cut on a CNC wood router.

Easter Bunny Photo Stand-Up

Designed as a photo stand-up for a church carnival, this Easter Bunny vector artwork was a fun collaboration between my oldest daughter and me. We created the drawing on the computer using instructions from a book on how to draw cartoon animals. It was a blast making it and it's the first of the free woodworking patterns on the site that's in color!

Barn Corkboard Frame

Following the lines of the barn shaped knick knack shelf is a barn shaped corkboard frame. Use it to build a corkboard, a picture frame, or simply use it as clip art to decorate your printed work. Several vector graphic file formats are included, as well as a jpeg version of the drawing.

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