Free Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Here you'll find a collection of free kitchen cabinet plans. I'll also try to include related stuff, like plans for toekick platforms, countertops, and the like. Since I'm not real familiar with face frame cabinets, these designs are of the frameless type. And they're not just for kitchens! They're great for your office, library, garage, company lunchroom...the applications are nearly endless.

Frameless Base Cabinet

Open Frameless Cabinet Plan

The first of the free kitchen cabinet plans I'll introduce is for a simple open frameless base cabinet plan. Simply follow the link or click on the picture. You'll find more details and drawing files in PDF format that you can view or download.

2-Door Base Cabinet

2 Door Base Cabinet Plan

Adding to the basic open base is the 2 door base cabinet. The boxes are the same, but here you'll find additional info on hinge selection and placement, door sizing, and materials.

Toe Kick

Toe Kick Plans

Designed to fit under the base cabinet, plans for a toe kick will help get you started with a sturdy foundation.

Laminate Countertop

Plastic Laminate Countertop

No set of base cabinets is complete without topping them off with a quality countertop. You have several choices of material, but here is an easy to build plastic laminate countertop to finish your kitchen.

Frameless Wall Cabinet

Open Framless Wall Cabinet Plan

To go along with the base cabinet is a straightforward open frameless wall cabinet plan. As with the base cabinet, follow the link or click on the picture to access more details and drawing files in PDF format.

2-Door Wall Cabinet

2 Door Wall Cabinet Plans

Adding doors to the open frameless wall cabinet makes it the perfect place to store your stuff out of sight. Choose a simple slab door or get as creative as you want to make the 2 door wall cabinet truly your own.

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