Flush Trim Router Bit Basics

This video does a nice job of covering the basics of flush trim router bit types. If you spend much time using your router you will get to know this bit very well. Flush trim bits are the workhorse of laminate trimming. They also form the basis of template work, which is well covered in some other videos.

Many starter router bit sets contain a basic flush trim bit, but you will soon find a collection of them gracing your toolbox. One key to selecting the proper bit is using a quality brand such as Amana, Freud, Onsrud, or Whiteside. I tried using the bit that came in a fifteen dollar set of bits to trim a laminate countertop, with terrible results.

The bit was poorly balanced and not very sharp. This caused it to leave severe chatter marks on the laminate. A file took care of it, but it would have been far less work to use a good quality, sharp bit to begin with.

Of course that brings up another key point in selecting your bit. This applies to all cutting tools, but make sure your bit is sharp. Not only do sharp bits produce better finished work, but they are safer to use as well.

A dull bit will grab and tear the wood, requiring greater force to push the tool through the material. This increases the likelihood of a slip caused by pushing too hard on your router or workpiece.

After watching the video I would encourage you to spend some time at a specialty tool or woodworking store looking at the bits themselves and talking with someone who really knows router tooling.

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