Bread Box Plans

Bread Box Plans

These bread box plans are based on a bread box I made while working at my first cabinet job, shortly after graduating from high school. It was pretty much a one man shop and the owner built primarily oak face frame cabinets. He made bread boxes (quite a bit fancier than mine) as gifts and told me I was welcome to use scraps to build one of my own if I wanted to.


I used 2" wide pieces of 3/4" oak, but any species will work. These were glued edge to edge to make up panels big enough for the ends, door, top, and back. If you are not yet comfortable gluing up your own panels, though it's really quite easy, try to find breadboard blanks at your local lumber supplier. Some species of lumber are even available wide enough to be used as-is.

For the bottom I used a piece of scrap 3/4" melamine particle board. I reasoned that the melamine surface would be easier to keep clean than oak. Ironically, since I gave this to my mom so many years ago, it has never seen a loaf of bread. She uses it to store kitchen garbage bags and coupons.

Cutting The Parts

The overall size is slightly smaller than the bread boxes my boss made. This was largely determined by the scraps I was able to gather, so you can adjust the size to fit your material if necessary.

Note that the parts are sized such that the angles are all on even increments of 15 degrees. I was fairly new to cutting chamfers on a table saw and this really simplified things for me.


The whole thing is assembled using wood glue and finish nails. Most hardwoods, especially oak, need to be pre-drilled for nails to prevent splitting. Otherwise, a pneumatic pin nailer is an ideal way to go.

For the bottom, I used only glue because I added it after the finish was applied. I stained the oak and then sealed it with polyurethane and didn't want to mask off the melamine.


For hardware, just about any small hinge will do. The knob is also a matter of personal preference. It just so happens that I found hinges and a knob at Rockler that are almost identical to those I used originally.

Bread Box Plans PDF

Bread Box PDF

To view the bread box plans either click on the image to the left, or just click here. If you'd like to download a copy to your computer, right click then "save-as". Either way, you'll need the Adobe reader to view the file.

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