Small Woodworking Projects

This is a group of plans for small woodworking projects. You will find some of the projects to be simple enough for a beginning woodworker with only hand tools. Other designs are more complicated and are best suited for power tools (although quite nearly anything can be built using just hand tools).

One of the great things about the small projects is that they can often be built with scraps you have lying around your garage or shop. I used to know a man who would collect old shipping crates and pallets for the lumber. Just be very careful to remove all the nails and staples that could ruin saw blades and router bits.

If you're creative and resourceful, it may not cost you anything at all to build several of these projects!

Bread Box

Here you'll find plans for a bread box that are based on one I built while at my first cabinet job. If you enjoy the bread box and would like to further develop your box making skills, check out Kate Taylor's Wooden-Box-Maker. There you'll learn to make a bandsaw box or Shaker box, explore tool use and wood characteristics, or just discover the joys of wooden boxes. Otherwise, just follow the link or click on the picture to access more details and drawing files in PDF format.

Wood Tool Box

These plans are for a small, wood toolbox that is simple enough for kids to build with a little help. It also makes a great gift. For more details and drawing files in PDF format, follow the link or click on the picture.

Drink Coasters

Looking for an easy gift idea among the small woodworking projects? These drink coasters worked great as Christmas gifts for my family one year. Plus, they are simple to personalize with carving, painting, or stenciling. Follow the link or click on the picture to find more details and drawing files in PDF format that you can view or download.

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