Miscellaneous Free
Woodworking Projects

This is a collection of miscellaneous free woodworking projects that don't seem to fit in any other category. I like this group because it's a great place for all those spontaneous projects to land. You know the ones. A friend or family member needs something that they just can't find anywhere else so they turn to you to build it.

These are often my favorite projects because they usually have a great story behind them. So for these plans, I hope you enjoy the projects' backgrounds as much as building and using the finished product.

The plans for this chalkboard frame began as a simple prop and ended up as a usable chalkboard. Follow the link or click on the picture to see the story, more details, and drawing files in PDF format that you can view or download.

Build this plinko game board and hopfully you'll have as much fun testing it as you do building it! Want it cut on a CNC router? DXF files are included as well.

Plans for an attractive, yet durable guitar case rack to help you clean up and organize your office or music room. Check it out for a couple of new ideas for cutting parts and assembling without visible fasteners.

This simple guitar amp shield will help block unwanted noise from drifting into the house mix. For portability and easy storage, have a look at a unique hinge from Hettich.

My daughter needed a home for her collection of horse figures. This barn shaped knick knack shelf was designed just for that purpose, but it could also be a great place to show off your collectibles. Building one of your own will also help hone your finish carpentry skills.

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